Race, IQ, and Derbyshire's Kids

The recent hornet's nest disturbed by John Derbyshire's article, "The Talk: Nonblack Version," has occasioned a flurry of commentary.  Little of it, however, is related to the one part of the article that ought to be controversial among conservatives -- namely, Derbyshire's implicit collectivism. Allow me to offer up front that I have been an occasional reader of Derbyshire's social commentary for many years, and I have always found his work entertaining, thoughtful, and refreshingly straightforward.  I appreciate his innate contrarianism, which is valuable within political factions (e.g., conservatism), and his willingness to speak in brutally honest terms when called for, thus cutting through a lot of the diplomat-speak that has smothered serious discourse in the modern world. And so, when I read Rick Moran's recent post at American Thinker lambasting Derbyshire's politically incorrect advice to his children regarding blacks, I was instinctively inclined to agree with the...(Read Full Article)