Poisoning the Kids

Once again, our Unifier-in-Chief has treated us to the tired old mantras -- i.e., that the GOP will [fill in the blank]: poison our kids with pollution, treat workers and consumers badly, enslave women in the kitchen, steal Grandma's Social Security and kick her out into the street...ad infinitum.  The most ridiculous of these claims, if it is even possible to pick one, deals with the state of our environment here in our country.  Unfortunately for the president and his minions, the environment has never been cleaner in our lifetimes than now. To look at just one piece of the environmental quality puzzle, consider the Clean Air Act.  As a result of certain tragic incidents, the groundwork for the Clean Air Act was developed.  As one of the worst air pollution incidents in our country's history, in October 1948, 20 people died and over 7,000 were hospitalized or became ill as a result of an air inversion that trapped the air emissions from the Donora Zinc Works and...(Read Full Article)