Palin's Privilege

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on the Today show last week, and she did very well.  It was an enjoyable show, and she handled the occasional barbs against her with class.  But don't mention that in mixed company (liberals and conservatives), or anywhere online. Palin's appearance on Today was met with an avalanche of criticism from the left.  Websites like Democratic Underground and Huffington Post stewed in their hatred for Gov. Palin.  Lefty mocker Jon Stewart ridiculed her.  Former Today host Bryant Gumbel even said he was "embarrassed by Palin's appearance on the show," and he complained that she lacked the capability of reporting or interviewing, or having "a degree of gravitas." In these people's attacks against Gov. Palin, the familiar refrain is that she is stupid, but that doesn't sound quite right.  When liberals criticize Sarah Palin is being stupid, they have a real anger in their voice or urgency in their blog posts. If the...(Read Full Article)