Obama's Smart Diplomacy Disaster

In flowing robes of white, his eyes raised heavenward, his arms extended outward, Barack Obama enters the lions' den of world politics roiling with animosity and tensions.  Upon beholding the unearthly figure, the commotion ceases; entranced, the warring multitudes listen to the magic sounds issuing from his mouth.  He says, "I come not to bring a sword, but to bring peace."  No one can help falling under the spell of his magnetic personality; no one can resist the power of his sublime eloquence (some, overcome by emotion, faint).  Gradually, the noise dies down; the belligerents lay down their weapons, hold hands, and in unison sing Kumbaya.  As the oceans recede and the planet heals, peace finally comes to the long-suffering world, and grateful mankind loudly praises Obama the Peacemaker, Obama the Savior, Obama the Great. Such visions of his future diplomatic triumphs were dancing in Barack Obama's head as the newly elected president...(Read Full Article)