Obama's Russia Policy: Hysterical Ambassadors and Leg-Rubbing between Presidents

Where U.S. policy towards Russia is concerned, March came in like a meek little kitten and went out like a braying jackass. The month started out with President Obama calling Vladimir Putin and congratulating him on his election victory, one which likely made Putin president for life.  Obama made no reference to Putin's documented electoral fraud, his exclusion of rivals from the ballot (even as he jailed or murdered others), or his support for dictatorship and mass murder in Syria. It ended with Obama literally fondling Dmitri Medvedev in Seoul, South Korea, as the two whispered like lovers in front of a TV camera that Obama did not realize was still rolling.  Obama told Medvedev, in so many words, that he would love to sell out U.S. interests on missile defense but could not do so until he won re-election.  Medvedev indicated he and the real ruler of the country, Putin, could probably wait that long and would do all they could to help Obama win. As if this weren't...(Read Full Article)