Obama's Endless Energy

Anyone who still believes a word out of Barack Obama's mouth has to be a complete idiot.  The man is a lie-machine.  Every speech, every utterance and aside, is designed to mislead -- whether by misstatement, omission, or outright licentious license. ObamaCare?  He really does care, even if it costs much more, to do much less, than he said it would, and even if you do not get to keep your health plan, despite how much you like it.  And the mandate is not a tax -- remember that.  Oh...and it's not unconstitutional overreach.  Solyndra?  It was not his program..."per se," even if the principal investor with no principles was a bundler for Barack and the eternal campaign.  What is a half a billion dollars between friends?  Besides, the subject is raised only by obstructionists and people trying to prevent Obama from realizing his greatness. Fast and Furious?  He never heard of it, and either did any of his people, and mentioning the 300...(Read Full Article)