Obama's Endless Energy

Anyone who still believes a word out of Barack Obama's mouth has to be a complete idiot.  The man is a lie-machine.  Every speech, every utterance and aside, is designed to mislead -- whether by misstatement, omission, or outright licentious license.

ObamaCare?  He really does care, even if it costs much more, to do much less, than he said it would, and even if you do not get to keep your health plan, despite how much you like it.  And the mandate is not a tax -- remember that.  Oh...and it's not unconstitutional overreach. 

Solyndra?  It was not his program..."per se," even if the principal investor with no principles was a bundler for Barack and the eternal campaign.  What is a half a billion dollars between friends?  Besides, the subject is raised only by obstructionists and people trying to prevent Obama from realizing his greatness.

Fast and Furious?  He never heard of it, and either did any of his people, and mentioning the 300 dead Mexicans is a racist assault on Barack, simply because he once wore a hoodie.  If Eric Holder had a son, he would look like Barack Obama -- remember that, too.

A leader takes responsibility and gives credit.  Barack Obama takes credit and shirks responsibility.  He has to lie.  How else could he claim to be the father of all success, while maintaining his failures have many daddies -- George Bush, the tsunami, those bastards the Canadians who want to send us "sharia-free" oil -- in other words, anyone but Barack?

He is now the "Energy President," taking credit for the portion of the Keystone XL pipeline still being built -- after he rejected the entire pipeline twice -- and the increase in domestic oil production. 

The particular leg of the pipeline that is going forward didn't need his approval, and the increase in production is happening on private land -- something Barack couldn't prevent.

Obama, the oiliest president in American history, has done everything in his power to destroy the oil industry in America, virtually shutting down production in the Gulf of Mexico, off our continental shelf, and in and around Alaska -- anywhere he could, except on private land.  Give the man another four years, and he'll have more "flexibility" in stopping that, too...among other things.

While claiming that America has only 2% of the world's reserves, he asks, why drill?  Then he says drilling is not the path to lower gasoline prices.  The 2% figure is a perfect example of the man's ever-abating affinity for the truth.  It counts only the reserves from wells currently pumping.  If Bill Gates leaves his house with $2 in his pocket, does that mean he is poor?

Using today's technology, America has 1.4 trillion barrels of recoverable oil, according to the Institute for Energy Research.  This is enough to meet all of our energy needs for more than 200 years, without imports from enemies.  Of course, it is of no use if we are not allowed to drill for it.

There are people who voted for Obama in 2008 not because they were progressives, but because they bought into the chimera of hope and change.  Many can remember Obama blaming Bush for rising gasoline prices.  His denial of responsibility today makes him sound like the demagogic hypocrite he is -- and always has been.  

The price of gasoline is high because Barack Obama wants it to be high.  How do we know this?  He told us, over and over again.  Raising the price of energy has always been his plan to win the future, and his strategic retreat from his only successful policy is exactly that: a strategy. 

Sure, he doesn't like the price of gasoline now, but that is only a political calculation -- it is costing him electoral support.  People are loath to vote for a man who has destroyed their household budgets by increasing the price of a necessity.  With re-election, Barack unbound will give the nation $10-a-gallon gasoline.  It's for our own good -- he knows best.

The president's imbecilic battle against the fossil fuel industry, prosperity, and energy self-sufficiency is a losing proposition, disastrous for our economic well-being.  He wants it both ways: waging war against fossil fuels while taking credit when, in spite of his best efforts, oil production increases.

Yet Barack Obama's endless war on energy is not just about restricting oil production; he wants to destroy the coal industry as well.  For this he tasks the EPA.  He couldn't get cap-and-tax through the Senate, even when his party had a super-majority.  Instead, he will impose the cap portion by regulatory fiat, and his EPA is only too happy to oblige.

Every policy from Obama's EPA seems to hurt the economy, the consumer, and the nation in general.  The agency is a monster, with over 17,000 employees and a budget in excess of $8 billion.  Yet as far as government is concerned, a budget of $8 billion is small potatoes.  As Barack is fond of saying, "they punch above their weight."  As a tool of Barack Obama, Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, is destroying America and Americans, one industry at a time.  The first industry up is coal. 

The administration recently celebrated the closing of the 100th coal power plant since 2010, and the EPA has issued new regulations on CO2, which will prevent the building of any coal plants in the future.  Since coal provides 45% of our electricity needs, and we are not replacing the generating capacity, at some point there will be rolling blackouts.  As the president promised, the price of electricity will "necessarily skyrocket."  Our coal will be shipped to China, the world's biggest polluter.  There it will be used to keep Chinese electricity cheap.  Makes sense, doesn't it?

In killing King Coal, Obama, the merry old soul, is only beginning.  Next will be natural gas.  Later this year, the EPA will introduce rules regulating hydraulic fracturing, the technique used to maximize gas extraction.  Does anyone believe that these rules will make natural gas cheaper?  If Obama wins re-election, he will shut down fracking in an attempt to kill natural gas as well. 

We have centuries of reserves, and with prices lower than they've been in decades, Obama must act, or America will use godless gas to heat homes and generate electricity, maybe even run cars.  He can't have that.  In reality, no fossil fuel will ever be acceptable as a source of energy to rabid environmentalists like our president.

All this is done in the name of climate change.  First it was going to get colder.  Then it was going to get warmer.  And now, because it didn't get warmer, it is about any weather that is not predictable.  Wow, unpredictable weather...who would have thought that was possible?

The myth of global warming is behind every Obama decision on energy.  He believes that green energy is the future, despite its uselessness in the present as a viable replacement for fossil fuel.  It is too expensive and inefficient.  Climate change radicals like our president insist on nothing less than American economic suicide in order to prevent something that might happen in a hundred years. 

Mr. Perfect is positive that his every single idea is a stroke of brilliance.  He believes fossil fuels to be bad, therefore they must be bad.  His self-appreciation borders on onanism.  He is a man so into himself that he is all over himself. 

This is why Barack wants high energy prices -- he believes he is saving humanity.  It is a mistake to call Obama an idealist who means well, or an evil man intent on the destruction of the nation.  In reality, he is a dogmatist who wants his way or no way.  He knows what's best for the nation and humanity, and he is going to give it to us even if America is destroyed in the process.

"[T]hose who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." -C.S. Lewis

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