Obama's Coalition of the Enraged

The president and his allies are wooing various groups of angry and disaffected minorities.  These, along with unhappy entitlement dependents, are to constitute most of the voters Obama seeks to lure into granting him another term, during which he hopes to complete his promise to "fundamentally transform" America. In an ironic reversal of the emphases of Madison's Federalist Paper #10, in which that great thinker carefully outlined the dangers of factionalism and pressed for the need for stability of the Republic of the United States, Obama and his supporters are seeking to achieve electoral hegemony by playing to minorities and supporting factionalism. Anger, rather than hope, is to be the glue which keeps the disparate minorities together. In turn, the rage of minorities against fellow Americans is to be the president's means to re-election.  The result, should Obama be re-elected, will be a new class order characterized by the tyranny of minority rule. The encouragement...(Read Full Article)