Obama's America: Why Black Grievance Will Never End

When I was 12 years old, I used to play tennis at a certain public park in the Bronx.  One day it got back to me that a black fellow at the courts, whose name I forget, said, "Selwyn doesn't like black people."  This raised my eyebrows.  You see, I had never really thought about the man one way or the other.  And what occupied my mind were forehands, backhands, topspin, and volleys, not race.  So the only thing I could figure was that I was probably in a funk one day and didn't hear and acknowledge a greeting he might have extended. Whatever the perceived slight, race was a factor.  After all, imagine the reaction if he had been white.  At worst, he might have thought, "Selwyn is a self-absorbed brat," which would have been closer to the truth.  Or he might just have concluded that I was having a bad day (I was an aspiring player at the time but, lamentably, had a lot of bad days).  Instead, he saw bad intentions where none existed. Of...(Read Full Article)