Obama the Tragedy

A second term for Barack Obama will be a tragedy.  His farcical first term barely hinted at the disaster awaiting America in Barack II.  Hobbled by a staggering lack of judgment and competence, and his ever-present reticence to make decisions that might impede his re-election, his first despicable term was a joke, despite a dearth of mirth.  If given four more years without worry of electoral reprisal, he will wreak havoc upon the nation in ways that Barack, back in Barack I, only dreamed of. In 2008, Obama hoped the audacity of pretending to believe in America would propel him to the presidency, and he was right.  If re-elected, Barack Obama will finally have the luxury of being himself, and that is something that should terrify every American. To detect the direction of Obama's next term, one need only examine select decisions from his first.  The deliberate demise of America's space program is one.  Any future triumph for NASA, because of its...(Read Full Article)