Obama Misquotes Bible on Wealth Redistribution

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats say the Bible is off-limits when it addresses the subject of homosexuality, homosexual marriage, abortion, or any issue liberals favor but the Bible condemns.  But it's permitted to be used when wealth-redistribution is being discussed.  The only problem is that when President Barack Hussein Obama quoted from the Bible, he both took his quotation out of context and got it wrong. On Friday, March 30, 2012, in an address to supporters at the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT, Obama condemned what he called "you're-on-your-own economics," arguing for policies that involve transferring wealth from one group of citizens to another to support providing public schools with more money for teachers' salaries; supporting companies developing bio-fuels, electric batteries, and wind and solar power; and funding scientists who are researching climate change.  Obama then quoted from Genesis to support his argument for more taxes and wealth...(Read Full Article)