Mystery Ship to Syria Raises Questions

The weekend report of a German-owned, Ukrainian-chartered ship carrying weapons to Syria should raise questions and alarm bells.  Der Spiegel reported that the Atlantic Cruiser, owned by the German company Bockstiegel, had been chartered by the Ukrainian White Whale company to pick up Iranian-origin cargo in Djibouti.  White Whale said the cargo was "mainly pumps and similar things," according to the German shipping agent.  However, the ship was refused entry for refueling at the port of Limassol, Cyprus after the crew told the Cypriots that the cargo was "weapons and munitions."  The Cruiser tried then to sail for Tartus, Syria, but it is currently sitting at sea.  Three questions: Is the regime running out of bullets?  This would account for Bashar al-Asad's agreement to Kofi Annan's ceasefire proposal.  The proposal worked to the government's advantage in several ways, not least of which was leaving the al-Asad government in place.  But...(Read Full Article)