Musings of a College Instructor

The following represent the swirling conversations I hear as I travel to various colleges where I am an adjunct instructor. ** I was hurrying to my classroom when I overheard the following.  A female professor smilingly says to a student that she looks quite lovely in that new outfit.  As the student thanks her and rushes off to class, the professor turns to another female professor standing in the hallway and worriedly says, "I guess I shouldn't have said that.  It could be construed as sexist."  The other professor, well-known for her multicultural slant, laughingly retorts that as the only feminist in the department, only she "can do or say anything" implying that the first professor should be more careful about her comments. I am repulsed by the stupidity of both comments and the hubris of the feminist, but I bite my tongue and move on. ** I received this from a student.  It is the first paragraph of an out-of-class assignment.  It is not the...(Read Full Article)