Mr. Obama's Own War on Women

Anti-war presidential candidate Gene McCarthy once described reporters as being like blackbirds on the telephone lines: one lands, they all land; one flies off, they all fly off. We're seeing those media blackbirds again.  They're going on and on about conservatives and their so-called war on women.  It seems that if you don't think religious institutions -- hospitals, soup kitchens, universities -- should be forced to provide coverage for drugs that can cause abortions, then you are making "war" on women. There's a real war on women, however.  And it's been going on for decades.  Our friend Steven Mosher first discovered this war on women in China three decades ago.  Steven was a Stanford University Ph.D. student doing graduate research in rural China.  He was then not a Christian believer, and he was even mildly pro-choice.  What he discovered was that Chinese women got no choice.  If they had a second child -- an "illegal" child -- these...(Read Full Article)