Mitt Needs to Weaponize Transparency

If there's one area where President Obama is wholly vulnerable, it's his utter lack of transparency -- yet the presumptive Republican nominee is somehow losing this issue to the president.  This is patently insane.  Barack Obama is the president the mainstream media have refused to vet.  In fact, the networks and newspapers have a vested interest in the American people knowing as little as possible about The One.  After all, the more Americans found out what the media did not report or muffled about the half-term senator from Illinois, the less we understood -- or liked.  How could he possibly have sat in the pews of the radical, America-hating anti-Semite Reverend Jeremiah Wright for all those years and have us believe he never once heard the good reverend spew his trademark vitriol?     How could we elect a man to this sacred high office who launched his political career from the living room of the America-hating domestic terrorist Bill...(Read Full Article)