Merchants of Despair: Robert Zubrin vs. Malthus, Darwin, and Others

Robert Zubrin first came to my attention speaking about his book Energy Victory.  That book, which doesn't fit neatly into either conservative or liberal cubbyholes, is really a seminal work on a real scientific solution to our revolting overdependence on the single source of oil for transport. Robert Zubrin is also well-known as a strong advocate for manned space exploration, especially exploration of Mars, and has a strong background in the physical sciences and space technology.  As you will find when you read his work, he has a knack for explaining complex subjects and cutting down pseudo-science and outright lies, sometimes with wry humor. Zubrin's new book, Merchants of Despair (Encounter Books), takes aim at "anti-humanism" based on pseudo-science and lies.  This is the broad premise that man (especially inferior non-white races) is a pox on the planet and that eventually he will consume and destroy every resource available.  In the first few chapters,...(Read Full Article)