Israel's Survival and American Assistance: It's Been Done Before

Ben Stein has offered an easily readable and cogent piece on a stratagem for dealing with the looming menace of a nuclear-armed Iran.  Mr. Stein, in writing for the American Spectator, has made a compelling case for American involvement in helping secure Israel from nuclear calamity.  And it is a strategy that doesn't embroil us in another shooting war.  The brilliance of Stein's idea comes from its simplicity and reliance upon the success of similar actions taken in the not-so-distant past. While America was by all accounts an economic and military powerhouse in 1973, we did not enjoy nearly the level of relative military hegemony then as we do today.  By many measures, the former Soviet Union held quantitative advantages in weapon systems that would overwhelm us in a conventional slugfest, or obliterate us in a nuclear exchange.  The lack of an overwhelming military advantage and a belligerent USSR did not stop President Nixon from doing the indispensably...(Read Full Article)