Israel at 64

Israel celebrates 64 years as an independent sovereign homeland for the Jewish people.  Retaining that sovereignty and living in peace remain the primary goals of the struggling state.  While Israel finds new ways to defend itself, both diplomatically and militarily, nations and other groups continue to oppose its rule, challenging its life support.  This year, Israel faces new obstacles in regard to land, peace, and global relations.  Land breaches Battles for the land continue as Palestinians and Arabs living in East Jerusalem, the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Jordan, Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon organize flotillas, flytillas, and marches towards Jerusalem.  With the help of their supporters throughout the world, the primary objective is to breach Israel's borders.  Another infiltration is planned in May. Israel has built a new fence along its border with Syria aimed at preventing protestors from breaking into Israeli territory during Nakba Day...(Read Full Article)