Is It Too Late to Save the Constitutional Republic?

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has some alarming news.  It appears that the more the American public finds out about the Tea Party, the more they dislike it.  The immediate question that comes to mind is, "what is to dislike about smaller, more responsible central government that is guided by our founding principles"?  I am afraid that the answer to that question is one many of us constitutional conservatives do not want to face. There are only three possible reasons for the poll results: The poll results are skewed on purpose in an election-year attempt by partisan hacks to affect the results in their favor; Reaction to the infighting that has taken over the Tea Party movement between the factions that want to stay above politics and those who want the movement to be more activist in nature; and Reflection of societal transformation as a result of another three years of policies to promote ever-increasing government dependence. I am afraid that the answer...(Read Full Article)