Helping Women Get What They Want

As the Republican nomination contest slogs through a messy endgame, President Obama's re-elect numbers are soaring, especially among women.  So what is the Republican problem with women, and what do women want?  NRO asked this question and discovered that women want to be secure and protected; liberal Joan Walsh discovered that women want liberal programs -- to be safe and secure.  Conservative women, presumably, get to feel safe and secure if the government protects marriage, families, neighborhoods, and nation.  Liberal women, we assume, get to feel secure if they have government-mandated health care and the ability to fight back against sexists.  What is going on here? Women may all want safety and protection, and men may all want freedom from tyranny, but we disagree about how to get there -- about the social norms needed to create the just and protective society. There are two ways to get humans, the social animals, to conform to social norms. ...(Read Full Article)