Greenwich Village Republicans: They Do Exist!

When I applied to be a poll worker for this past Tuesday's Republican primary in Manhattan, I never expected to be assigned to the East Village.  After all, four years living in the area as an NYU student had soundly convinced me that Homo sapiens Republicanus had been purged from Greenwich Village -- from the Cozy Soup 'n' Burger on Broadway to the filthy East River, from the statue of Gandhi at Union Square to the clothiers on Houston Street (that's pronounced HOW-stin, for you out-of-towners). So who on earth are these Republicans who live in Greenwich Village?  The inky darkness of this past Tuesday morning found me powering across town to find out. This would be my first embrace of civic duty, and I was raring to ensure a fair election.  It would be hard enough to do, I thought -- in the training course a couple of months prior, we were informed that only under the narrowest of circumstances -- i.e., if the voter registration list demanded it -- could we ask a...(Read Full Article)