FDR Redux: Obama Challenges SCOTUS

Who is this president who darkens counsel with ignorant words concerning the balance of power established by the Constitution of the United States? Monday, by declaring that the "unelected" Supreme Court had better rule in favor of the 2,700-page health care act of 2010, the president of our country revealed not only his hypocrisy, but the extent he will go to in order to preserve the key accomplishment of his administration.  He seems fully to intend to intimidate the Court into rubber-stamping the Affordable Care Act of 2010 as constitutional. First, the hypocrisy. Who is this man making noise about "unelected" bodies of government?  Isn't this the guy whose unelected 45 czars, innumerable agencies, and other bureaucratic entities have already made Congress a joke and an increasingly paralyzed symbolic rump of its former self?  Isn't this the guy whose continual attacks on states like Arizona are making true federalism and state sovereignty a thing of the past? ...(Read Full Article)