Eurabia Versus Wilders Agonistes

A review-essay on Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me by Geert Wilders,  Regnery Publishing, May1, 2012, 256 pp. See Part I: Wilders Agonistes *** "Scarce half I seem to live, dead more then half." -Samson Agonistes, Line 79 During April 26-28, 2006, the Paris Institute of the Arab World celebrated three decades of the Euro-Arab Dialogue.  The event was touted as a Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum, with a theme (as reported by the Arab News) entitled "Prospects and Contents of a Euro-Arab Strategic Partnership."  Former President Chirac's foreign minister, Philippe Douste Blazy, delivered the final address at the April 26 Opening Session.  The forum's "Objectif," according to the forum website (cited in the Preface to the 7th printing of Bat Ye'or's Eurabia), stated : To re-launch the Euro-Arab Dialogue in conformity with new strategic perspectives in order to constitute the future bilateral pole of international equilibrium and to participate in the...(Read Full Article)