Does global warming cause extreme weather?

Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory supporters are in the midst of a big propaganda campaign leading to a global "Connect the Dots" day on May 5.  Their goal is to convince the public that recent extreme weather events are due to global warming and that global warming is man-made. They are preparing public opinion for the huge economic sacrifice involved in curbing  carbon dioxide emissions, a process which they will demand at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development from June 20 through 22. So far, their propaganda campaign has been succeeding.  In fact, the New York Times reported on April 17 ("In Poll, Many Link Weather Extremes to Climate Change") that the public now believes stuff that the scientists who adhere to AGW theory don't even claim to be true: Scientists may hesitate to link some of the weather extremes of recent years to global warming -- but the public, it seems, is already there. A poll due for release on Wednesday shows that a...(Read Full Article)