Trayvon, Dee-Dee, and D.J.

Dee-Dee's Story Dee-Dee, Trayvon Martin's girlfriend, told a very short story, but a compelling one.   It's how we first learned about the now iconic hoodie.  But above all, it's the main source for the media's narrative of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Before Dee-Dee, we had only the unarmed teenager on an errand to buy Skittles and tea for the son of his dad's girlfriend.  After March 20, we had some drama.  Trayvon was chased by George Zimmerman.  He was frightened and tried to get away.  He thought he'd succeeded.  But the racist cop-wannabe tracked him down and shot him. Shortly after he took on the case, attorney Benjamin Crump decided to launch a media campaign on behalf of his client.  Crump could never have imagined what a success this would be.  A story appeared in Reuters on March 7.  "Wow!" said the producer of CBS This Morning after he was approached, "this has to be told."  And so the shooting was featured...(Read Full Article)