Deconstructing the 99%ers

There were several hundred "training sessions" around NYC, as they tell it, over the past weeks, presumably to prepare the raucous and ready to protest the terrible, evil 1% who so bedevil America that average people become unhinged at the thought that the 1% are getting more than they "deserve."  They are not!  Paying!  Their "fair share," they hammer at us, ignoring the stats and the vast overpayment by the wealthy over their less moneyed confrères. At the meeting on the Upper East Side, a three-hour slot on a weekend that replicated dozens elsewhere, we are told, there were three large newsprint sheets on the wall to remind us of what we were fighting for: Who we are.  There were some 20 separate items of who we were, among them immigrants, atheists, muslims.  Not among the Magic-Markered scrawls: Jews, Christians, patriots, citizens, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants (they pretend there is no such thing as anyone here illegally -- all are bunkered...(Read Full Article)