Capitol Follies

Scientists announced this week that they had found ten billion habitable planets in the Milky Way.  The announcement was cheering, raising the possibility that there was some intelligent life somewhere in the universe in a week where it was clear there was hardly any in the Capitol. I'm talking about the three day argument before the Supreme Court on the 2,700 page wonk wet dream, ObamaCare.  As you recall a Democrat Congress rammed this legislation down our throats on Christmas Eve led by Nancy Pelosi (soi-disant Catholic Theologian and Constitutional Scholar, San Francisco), aided by some high kicking and legerdemain by her Senate colleagues.  They had to resort to funny business because their efforts to get support from outside their own party failed, despite such tear jerking appeals to emotion as the story that Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's constituent would otherwise be forced to wear her dead sister's dentures  for the rest of her life.  Most of...(Read Full Article)