Can Liberals Handle Adversity?

Liberals just had a bad week watching the Supreme Court munching on ObamaCare and spitting out the pits.  They thought it was rather bad manners. It seems that each week this year raises the stakes, making 2012 a year which will live...either in infamy or glory, depending on who wins and whose side you are on.  Instead of the usual political fudge, events are demanding that the American people make a choice, not an echo. President Obama is running a campaign that sharpens the differences, drawing bright lines: on sex with the contraception question, on race with the Trayvon Martin question, and on health care with the ObamaCare decision.  Presumably he thinks that's how to get 51 percent of the vote. Unless he is wrong. For years, liberals thought they owned the sexual revolution, owned the race question, owned health care, owned the Supreme Court.  Suppose they are wrong?  Suppose that President Obama brings out every last liberal to vote on November 6, but...(Read Full Article)