California Caves to Illegals

California is changing its laws in order to be "fair and compassionate" toward illegal immigrants living in the state.  Governor Jerry Brown signed the "California Dream Act," which allows illegal immigrants access to state aid at public universities and colleges.  In addition, Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D) along with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck are calling for illegal immigrants to be given California driver's licenses and to not have their vehicles impounded for thirty days if stopped for a traffic violation.  There is also a new California law stating that employers do not have to use E-Verify for state, city, and county contracts.  American Thinker interviewed some California officials to get their opinion on these law changes. Starting on April 22, Los Angeles police will no longer impound someone's vehicle for thirty days, whether it belongs to a legal California resident or an undocumented person, if the person was caught driving without a...(Read Full Article)