Balance the budget by 2039? Wanna bet?

A recent budget proposal of Paul Ryan's purports to balance the budget by around 2039 -- possibly a decade or so earlier based on an alternative scenario.  The plan will take decades to work (if at all). As with every federal budget, certain assumptions are made. One assumption that is made: the people will sit still and let the budget plan do its magic. Assuming BHO is tossed and the Democrats control neither chamber after this November's plebiscite, is there any real likelihood that the entitled public and their facilitators, the entitlementalistas, will sit still to await the prestige? Nah. Why? Because attempts to be financially responsible and effect a cure to what ails the USA budgetarily will be opposed by the entitlement class and the entitlementalistas.  The auguries are inauspicious. Instant Communications Widespread, instantaneous communications technologies (some of the devices are, you guessed it, government-subsidized) have made it possible to organize...(Read Full Article)