Arab Riots, Then and Now

On March 30 in Israel, Arab anti-Israel demonstrations turned violent, and the security forces had to suppress the violence with crowd control measures.  Dozens of Palestinians were hurt in the West Bank and Gaza Strip while marking Land Day protests with fierce riots and clashes with IDF soldiers.  Palestinian sources reported that one man was killed and thirteen others injured by IDF fire in Gaza after attempting to breach the border fence and infiltrate Israel near the Erez Crossing.  This year, the Land Day observances coincided with an ambitious Palestinian plan to organize a global march to Jerusalem to protest Israel's Judaizing of the country's capital.  Aside from the Gaza protester who was shot dead, another thirty Palestinians were wounded in the fracas. The riots lasted for a day and then burned themselves out. The IDF soldiers, as well as the other security personnel, were very well prepared for any possibility of extreme violence from the part of the...(Read Full Article)