An Untenable Situation

An interesting article appeared in the Atlantic Sentinel this past March 13, entitled "Hamas Refused to Participate in Latest Gaza Violence."  The author, Daniel R. DePetris, points out that although this was the most intense fighting since Israel was forced to invade Gaza three years ago,  he takes solace in the fact that during the latest round of violence, smaller terrorist groups did the heavy lifting, and Hamas largely stayed out of the fray.   I'm sure this was very encouraging to Israeli citizens throughout the south who have fifteen seconds from the time the sirens go off to herd their families into shelters before the rockets land, and even less time if the terrorists decide that short-range mortars are the weapons of choice on a particular day.  This is the life Jews living in towns and cities adjacent to Gaza have been forced to live since the Sharon government unilaterally uprooted thousands of people and pulled out of Gaza in 2005. The author then goes...(Read Full Article)