American Must Prepare for the Next War

If the United States is to maintain its military supremacy into the 21st century, it is absolutely vital that the federal government ensure that its defense efforts are directed at preparing for the next war, rather than for re-fighting the wars of the past.  Too often historically -- and I fear in the future as well -- America has been caught by surprise by global developments and forced to improvise a solution to challenges on the ground.  While brilliant soldiers, diplomats, and politicians have often risen to this challenge, it may well turn out to be the case that the wars of this century will not allow us such latitude. After both World Wars and the end of the Cold War, the United States has demobilized in a haphazard fashion that has left the nation ill-prepared to meet future challenges.  Yet, as Donald Rumsfeld memorably and correctly reminded us vis-à-vis Iraq, "you go to war with the Army that you have."  A careless reduction in defense spending today,...(Read Full Article)