Allan Bloom: Remembering the Teacher

Allan Bloom was a great teacher.  A great teacher is a man whose manner of framing the important questions continues to inform his students' thoughts long after they have left the teacher behind.  A great teacher's lasting impression is not his "personality," that collection of idiosyncrasies which make him memorable in the way of a good vacation, but his mind -- the way his reasoning sheds light on new and indelible colors in what would otherwise have been a less nuanced palette of experience.  Bloom was just such a teacher.  The proof of this is that he had the true teacher's lasting effect on many students, including this one, who never met him, but knew him only through his written works.    This spring marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Bloom's best-selling philosophical polemic, The Closing of the American Mind.  And as Simon & Schuster is celebrating the event with a new edition, Bloom's most famous book will...(Read Full Article)