'A Struggle Ensued': Lynch Mob Justice In Florida

From time to time the U.S. is engaged in its popular, charming pastime, following criminal cases. Once the special hobby of retirees who flooded the courthouses, since cable TV and the Internet, anyone can participate in these modern versions of morality plays.  The latest episode is the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman one, a story that shows how a media rife with malpractice and incompetence, a black grievance industry supported by a corrupt Attorney General , and a special prosecutor in a difficult re-election fight can twist facts and put to jeopardy a man already cleared of wrongdoing despite the lack of persuasive, dispositive new evidence sufficient to meet the  state's burden of overcoming a claim of self-defense. A.  Media Malpractice American Thinker has already published a short course on how media malpractice turned an ordinary, everyday incident into a nationwide racial dispute. More detailed day by day breakdowns of the media's manipulation of the...(Read Full Article)