A Patient, a Doctor, and Three Burly Nurses

March 23, 2012 marked the two-year anniversary of President Obama's signing into law of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPAHCA, now shortened to ACA), pejoratively called ObamaCare.  On that day on local radio, I debated State Senator Dede Feldman (D-Albuquerque) about the ACA.  During the discussion, an analogy came to me that can clarify the issues surrounding Congress' self-styled, ill-conceived "reform" of U.S. healthcare via the ACA. A patient, whose name is M. Healthcare, enters a doctor's office with two chief complaints: 1) overspending -- both individually and nationally -- and 2) "cannot get health care." After hearing the patient's complaints and without further ado, the doctor calls in three burly male nurses.  They hold the patient down, and the doctor forces a foul-tasting snake-oil preparation into the patient's mouth.  During this procedure, the doctor loudly proclaims that this will cure the patient.  "Trust me,"...(Read Full Article)