Would You Trust Obama to Protect You?

In dealing with Iran, the whole "international community" is going "You first!"  Who gets to fight the cobra first?  There are no eager volunteers. For three years Obama has been trying sweet reason on the cobra of Tehran, which is not famously susceptible to it.  Obama has been covering his own rear end with millions of goofy American liberals who live in permanent denial.  Covert actions like Stuxnet have had some effect, but not enough.  Tehran's Armageddon machine is therefore steaming straight to the biggest iceberg in history, and the only hope is that the suicidal ideology they have been preaching for thirty years is a phony front.  That is a faint hope indeed, and not one on which to base the survival of a nation. Various sources now report that Israel's PM Netanyahu is going to ask Obama to swear -- by whatever is holy to him (which isn't much) -- that the United States will take military action if trade sanctions fail. Trouble is, no sane person...(Read Full Article)