Women as Property of the State?

The United States recently had "women's issues" injected into the presidential campaign unexpectedly by Obama's handlers  to stem women's defection from Obama.  Ironically, however, his numbers have dropped a further 12% since the contraceptive mandate. Alleging a "war on women" by the right, Team Obama and the left divert attention from the left's own war on women.  Looking back -- not at the new starlet or professional Women's Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund league -- let's review the left's victimization of women back in its heyday...and today. (Yes, yes... we know that only last week The Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party, honoring the Lenin-established International Women's Day, harped that "only communism can end sexism," because -- you knew it -- sexism is inherent in capitalism.) History is illustrative here.  Karl Marx had a female slave who was a child of 8, eventually using her as his mistress.  Uncle Joe's wife committed...(Read Full Article)