William Hull Republicans

The GOP establishment has failed to learn the lessons of history when it comes to winning elections.  To get up to speed, they should study the career of Revolutionary War hero William Hull. During the War of 1812, the Governor of the Michigan Territory, William Hull, was appointed to lead an invasion of Canada.  Hull had been a hero of the Revolutionary War, and it was thought that the 59-year-old governor would be the man to spearhead the invasion As it turned out, Hull was not the man.  On July 12, 1812, he marched his forces from Detroit to Sandwich, Canada, but he pulled back across the border after the capture of Fort Mackinac by the British.  Hull was petrified that hordes of British and allied Indian forces would swarm his position, and his fears of Tecumseh leading tens of thousands of native war parties to scalp and kill his women and children led the once-heroic Hull to surrender Fort Detroit without consulting his officers.  The Americans had 2,500...(Read Full Article)