Will 2012 Be a Republican Year?

Although most conservatives understand the important of defeating Obama, the next Congress has to be almost coequal in importance.  ObamaCare, for example, cannot be repealed without control of the House of Representatives and not only control of the Senate, but enough senators to forestall a filibuster.  Appointments to the federal bench, especially the Supreme Court, require Senate approval.  Many of the reforms which conservatives see as vital to economic growth -- reform of the tax code, deregulation of environmental extremism, and changes to the entitlements systems -- will require congressional concurrence. The structure of the Senate races in 2012 and also in 2014 favors Republicans.  This is a consequence of the Democrats' big win six years ago in the 2006 election.  Ten Republicans defend seats, and seven of those -- Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona -- have been strongly Republican in recent decades.  How...(Read Full Article)