Wild Bill O'Reilly

Nothing sets Fox host Bill O'Reilly's hair aflame quite so spontaneously as does any discussion of our good old U.S. oil and gas business. With world crude oil prices again racing past $100 a barrel and visits to the gas pump challenging root canals for last place on most Americans' bucket list, Bill's coiffure often glows like a California hillside during drought season.  Again, our 6-foot-4-inch pugnacious fighter for the folks is mad, and nothing satisfies him more than delivering a roundhouse kidney punch to those oilfield yahoos who, yes, once more, are ripping off the little guy. O'Reilly's latest conspiracy theory is simple enough.  Gasoline will soon be four, or five, or nine, or twenty dollars a gallon because the U.S. "oil cartel" is taking all of our petroleum and sending it to China.  Evidence?  Not a whit. For a guy so vilified by the mainstream press as just another heavy-handed right-winger, "conservative" Bill is forever calling upon those...(Read Full Article)