Why Is Observing Obama as a Marxist Verboten?

The recent release of a tape by Andrew Breitbart's outfit sparked renewed interest in President Obama's murky past.  In anticipation, conservatives were elated that the president might finally be exposed.  The tape showed Obama, then at Harvard Law, orchestrating a protest on behalf of Derrick Bell. Without providing any background on just how radical is Professor Bell, the compliant liberal media derisively dismissed it all as conservative paranoia, even proclaiming presidential vindication.  It still appears preposterous to purport that America elected a communist ideologue.  The world's greatest beneficiary of capitalist bounty would never willingly empower a radical socialist to "fundamentally transform America." Unfortunately, we did, even if Americans loathe admitting it.  And this ought to have been obvious even before Mr. Breitbart's valiant efforts. Obama exploits the citizenry's concerted blindness, cloaking his views under veneers of "social...(Read Full Article)