Why I Am a Reporter

I'm 58 years old, and I'm a reporter at a small-town newspaper. The question naturally arises: how did I get myself into this fix? By the time they turn 58, most reporters have either taken a job as an editor or they've moved on to another job altogether, most commonly (and most remuneratively) as a political shill. Maybe it's the job security. Or maybe not.  Since 2001, more than 25 percent of full-time reporters have lost their jobs at America's daily newspapers.  You've read about the collapse of newspapers.  It's real, though weeklies, like the one I work for, soldier on. Maybe it's the money. Or maybe not.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics says journalists are the lowest-paid among professions that require a bachelor's degree.  In most places, the local librarian makes 50 percent more than the average reporter. Then surely it's the fame and adulation? Lord, I hope not. A 2009 Gallup poll asked Americans which professions have "low" or "very low" honesty and...(Read Full Article)