Where Do the Cupcakes Come From?

Recently, while attending a friend's birthday party, I watched a toddler's amusing attempts to hoard cupcakes.  The child's behavior got me thinking about how prosociality or antisociality develop in children, depending on whether family or the government provides their food. According to the American Psychiatric Association, antisocial personality disorder can be diagnosed in the presence of at least three of the following patterns of thought and behavior:  unlawful behavior,  deceitfulness,  impulsivity,  irritability and aggressiveness,  reckless disregard for safety of self or others,  irresponsibility, such as failure to sustain consistent work or honor financial obligations, and  lack of remorse for hurting others. The antitheses of these behaviors yields a starting point for understanding prosociality:  law-abiding behavior,  honesty,  self-control,  cheerfulness and even temper,  thoughtfulness,...(Read Full Article)