Watch Wisconsin

Republican Governor Scott Walker, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch and two Republican state senators will face a recall vote in Wisconsin and the date of that election, with the likely date of the recall vote being June 5.  A fifth Republican, Senator Pam Galloway, who was also going to face a recall election, has resigned from the state senate.  This leaves the Senate tied 16-16, so  the recall vote in June will determine which party controls the Wisconsin Senate.  So is the left winning there?  Wisconsin is a left-leaning state, the sort whose general support Democrats need if they are going to rule America.  If Democrats fail in these recall elections, then the left will have suffered a strategic loss which may unravel its long dominance of American politics. The putative reasons for this recall election are three changes enacted by Wisconsin Republicans when they took over state government last January: (1) public employee union bosses cannot bargain for...(Read Full Article)