Tsar Putin

In April 2002, former CIA director James Woolsey dismissed PLO claims that its chairman had been democratically elected. "Arafat was essentially elected the same way Stalin was, but not nearly as democratically as Hitler, who at least had opponents," he said.[1] Now the re-coronation of Russia's Vladimir Putin has set a new record for such "democratic" elections. The "democratic" rise to power of the former KGB officer Putin began in 1999 with a KGB coup.  On December 31, the first freely elected Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, stunned the world by announcing his resignation. "I understand that I must do it and Russia must enter the new millennium with new politicians, with new faces, with new intelligent, strong, energetic people,"[2] Yeltsin solemnly stated. He then signed a decree transferring his power to the former head of Russia's political police, Vladimir Putin.  For his part, the newly appointed president signed a decree pardoning Yeltsin -- who was allegedly...(Read Full Article)