Troubleshooting Our Stalling Economic Engine

If Sadi Carnot, father of your car's engine, were asked to analyze our nation's troubled economic engine, he would simply tell us we are defying, if not denying, the operating principles of that which we claim intent to repair.   We know the distortion created by counting only Americans actively unemployed as such, but do we realize the lie of calculating economic growth using false inflation numbers?  John Williams at apparently does.  Asst. Treasury Secretary Paul Roberts calls today's government numbers "statistical artifacts," not facts.   Our manufacturing dwindles, trained specialists and youth are underemployed, private-sector career prospects are glum, and family dwellings bleed value.  Problems run much deeper than government debt.  Before corporate-government elites finish butchering our country for parts and draining its resources for use elsewhere, let's troubleshoot the problem.  The first question any good...(Read Full Article)