Time for a Conservative Whine Session?

In their attempts to guilt America into submission, liberals are famous for giving face time to the unfortunate victims of Republican resistance to liberal policies.  For example, in the Obama gallery at the State of the Union, we've had our heartstrings pulled by people who claim to have been forced to pay for their children's college education with a credit card and a young Recovery Act couple with a story of how their hopes for an organic ice cream shop were nearly dashed for lack of a benevolent lender.  There was a man without health care coverage who had brain cancer, as well as a cameo appearance from Warren Buffet's $200K+-a-year salaried secretary who supposedly pays higher taxes than her billionaire boss.  While proposing an increase in Tricare premiums, the left has feigned outrage over military families on food stamps and attempted to gain sympathy for children of lawbreaking illegals by invoking "dreams" of an American taxpayer-bestowed college...(Read Full Article)