The Way Forward for the Keystone XL

"Under my administration," President Obama crowed recently, "there is more domestic drilling than at any time in the last 8 years."  Perhaps if this president were more concerned with truth than appearance, he might've finished that sentence with "despite my best efforts."  Our own domestic production is rising, but not for the reasons recently given by our president. The only increase underway in the recovery of "fossil fuels" is occurring on private or state-owned land, which is not subject to the convoluted permitting process governing federal land.  Even the 38 million acres the administration recently made available for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico had already been scheduled for sale during the Bush administration, more than a year before Obama was elected. Seven lease sales that were scheduled to take place after Obama's inauguration have been now canceled entirely: one in the western Gulf, one off the coast of Virginia, and five in Alaskan waters, all with...(Read Full Article)