The Unseen Message of The Hunger Games

Though the liberal media and leftist Hollywood are wrapping themselves in The Hunger Games, the book series' pro-individualism, anti-socialist/communist/totalitarianism message has thus far eluded them -- but the legions of children reading the books are getting the message. When I learned that my teenage sons -- macho young lads, to be sure -- were suddenly captivated by a book series featuring a 16-year-old female protagonist, I was intrigued, to say the least -- intrigued enough to read the books myself.  As I progressed through the story, I found myself checking and re-checking the cover several times to make sure the author wasn't Ayn Rand. Now that the first film of the series is in theaters, I'm reading lots of appraisals in the press which have suggested more of an Occupy Wall Street slant on the story: "[T]he corrupting force of power and privilege, the inhumanity of the mob, and how both conspire to make people do the unthinkable." For those of you unfamiliar with the...(Read Full Article)